View Full Version : Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto-ryu (TSKSR) - Naginata, Yari & Bo

12th May 2006, 08:09
Apart from the rhythmic naginata stuff, there was a nice clip showing Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu naginata jutsu. All 4 kata. The nice twist here is that 1 kata is shown first by Sugino Dojo (Ishida sensei and Iwata sensei), and then by 2 practitioners from the dojo of Otake sensei. The same procedure is repeated for each kata.


Nathan Scott
15th May 2006, 19:37
Mr. Sandven,

I split your post from the ryhthm naginata thread and created a new thread for posts regarding TSKSR, since there will surely be more about the subject, and consolidating them into one thread will enhance future searchs on the subject.