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23rd May 2006, 17:10
After researching various martial arts I have decided that I would like to learn traditional Ju-Jitsu, but havent been able to loacte any dojos in Melbourne, Australia. They all seem to be teaching Brazilian, but I would much prefer to learn the original Japanese version. If anyone out there knows of any good locations to learn this art in Melbourne, it would be much appreciated. Thank you........

24th May 2006, 02:41
I think there is a Daito Ryu Takumakai dojo in Melbourne, and maybe one or two others.

Yup - there's also a Hontai Yoshin Ryu dojo in Melbourne too.



That's all I coud find.

Good luck,


24th May 2006, 02:44
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Howard Quick
24th May 2006, 03:14
Where in Melbourne are you looking to train?

Daniel Lee
24th May 2006, 03:38
Liam Keeley-sensei lived and trained in Japan for over 20 years, and teaches Tatsumi-ryu Heiho in Melbourne. Aside from training in the sword, naginata, spear and other areas, Tatsumi-ryu also has a sizeable jujutsu curriculum. You can find contact details for him in the training group section at: http://www.geocities.com/koryu-bujutsu