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8th December 2000, 18:10
Manaka Sensei,

Thank you very much for taking the time to participate on this forum.

This year Hatsumi focused on 3 Ryu: Koto, Gyokushin & Gikan. While there is a decent amount of information available about Koto Ryu from Sensei's Quest series or from other Shidoshi's seminars...finding inforamation about the other two schools has proven difficult.

I've heard that one of Gyokushin Ryu's characteristics involves lifting your attackers arms so as to strike their lower ribs...but not much else. Anything you would be willing to share regarding this schools characteristics would be greatly appreciated.

Hatsumi Sensei released a video awhile ago showing Gyokko Ryu's Kihon Happo but with the Gikan feeling. This was an extremely inspiring tape, but for many of it is our only reference to Gikan Ryu. I've heard that Gikans kamae often involve having the feet pointing in opposite directions. What was the advantage or reason for this? Also what are some of the other focuses and weapons used by this Ryu? Thank you very much for your time. I wish you and Jinenkan all the best for next year and the many years to come.

Eric Bookin

Eric Baluja
8th December 2000, 18:38
Dear Eric,

Nice name.

I think Senseiís answer to the first question asked in this forum (by John Clark) unfortunately nullifies yours...

Originally posted by Fumio Manaka
In the many years I trained I was only formally taught techniques from six schools...

Those six schools were Gyokko-Ryu, Koto-Ryu, Kukishinden-Ryu, Takagi Yoshin-Ryu, Shinden Fudo-Ryu and Togakure-Ryu.

I hope this helps.

Eric Baluja
Spotlight on Budo featuring Fumio Manaka Sensei

8th December 2000, 19:22
This year Hatsumi focused on 3 Ryu: Koto, Gyokushin & Gikan:
Posted by Yojimbo

In Japan, Soke only mentioned Gikan Ryu ONE time. And he barely even spoke about Gyokushin Ryu either. The theme of this year was Koppojutsu. From the mouth of Mark O'Brien.