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13th June 2006, 07:29
I ran across that school' name and a couple of forum/google search didn't raise many information.
Exept that the founder/soke (?) is Shimizu Nobuko sensei...

Any of you as more (from first hand training for exemple ;) )?

Jock Armstrong
13th June 2006, 08:39
I attended a seminar recently in which Komei juku MJER and rouen ryu naginata were taught. Shimizu sensei taught the naginata section. It was interesting and Shimizu sensei was a patient and keenly interested instructor. I don't think Shimizu sensei invented it- I got the impression that she had studied other extant naginata ryu and then been taught Ryoen ryu tech/kata . She urged the attendees to practice the kata of old schools so that they wouldn't be forgotten.
I learned a good deal.

Phil Davison
17th June 2006, 08:29
Shimizu Sensei was graded to 8th dan in Jikishinkage Ryu Naginata by the late soke Toya Akiko Sensei. Due to political differences, Shimizu Sensei broke from Jikishinkage Ryu and founded her own style. The main difference between Ryoen Ryu and Jikishinkage is that Shimizu Sensei's style uses the weapon more in a manner appropriate to a real naginata as opposed to the light practice weapon used in Jikishinkage Ryu. Because of her close relationship with Sekiguchi Komei Sensei the uchitachi parts have a chiburi and noto similar to Komei Jyuku MJER.

Shimizu Sensei is not only highly skilled and a gifted teacher, but she's also a very fine person.

Phil Davison

19th June 2006, 04:17
I train in Ryouen Ryu Naginatajutsu as well as Yamauchi-Ha MJER Iaijutsu. I do not know much about Jikishinkage Ryu, but Ryouen Ryu is very combative and I enjoy it very much. Most of the bunkai and kumitachi I have done through Royouen Ryu usually has uchitachi using a sword. There is also quite a bit of tanto waza that she has shown us as well.

Hope it helps.

19th June 2006, 09:07
Thank you! :)

20th June 2006, 07:15
I forgot to ask: do you know what Ryoen means in that context? Why this name was chosen?

Sekiguchi Kenry
25th August 2016, 13:07
Well.. 10 years passed since the last post, so maybe this answer will be useless... but If anyone has questions about the Ryha, every question is welcome.
A Little bit of story of Ryen ry naginatajutsu.

Shimizu Nobuko sensei is a health condition as far she's 74 years old.
She born and raised in Kchi and learned jud from her father who was jud sensei.
Arround 1965/67 she began to study Ogasawara ry reih, receiving the menky kaiden and shihan grade as well the name Genrysai Ryen (that's because the name of the school she created) in 1984.
Arround 1978-1980 she began Jikishinkage ry naginata till 8dan hanshi tora no maki.
Arround 1998 she started Mus Jikiden Eishin ry iaijutsu (Yamauchi-ha Komei Jyku) under the guidance of 21st Sekiguchi Komei sensei, till kyshi grade today.
At the beggining of XXI century, after the 17 ske of Jikishinkage ry Toya Akiko (Shimizu sensei's sensei) passed away, she was not confortable with the new direction of the ryha, so she decided left Jikishin. But Shimizu sensei wanted continue the teaching of naginata based in Toya Akiko sensei teachings. So she took her Ogasawara ry name and created a new ryha, based on 3 kory teachings:
- Naginata/tant of Jikishinkage ry.
- Reih of Ogasawara ry.
- kenjutsu (uchitachi) from Mus Jikiden Eishin ry.
About the Ryen ry waza, the school has 3 series. 1st: Shden kumitachi is 10 paired kata naginata vs tachi. 2nd: Ry no bu: 5 solo kata. 3rd: Tora no bu: 7 kata paired: naginata vs tachi and tant vs tachi. 1st and 3rd series are based in Jikishinkage ryu waza, based, but not equal. 2nd serie was created by Shimizu sensei based in Jikishinkage ryu. The meaning of solo waza in Ryen ry is to use a shinken naginata. Shimizu sensei told me that, except Toya sensei and few of the senior students, noone in Jikishinkage ry wanted to use never shinken naginata because "it's so heavy". Shimizu sensei always was suported by Toya sensei when she decided to use it, even when some of her sempai said no.
the 32 ske of Ogsawara ry, Ogasawara Tadamune (Shimizu sensei's sensei) gave permisin to use the sangaibishi kamon to Shimizu sensei, so this was the Ryen ry kamon till last year, but in november 2015 she registered Ryen ry as a cultural property in her town Yoshikawa (Saitama), and as she don't wanna have troubles with the current 33 ske Ogasawara Keishsai who is her friend, so she changed a Little bit the kamon when she registered the school.
Ryen ry is not a kory, but any people who want leran Shimizu sensei teachings is welcome. Outside Japan there is 4 countries with their shibuch with Ryen ry name (because Shimizu sensei has sons with surname Shimizu, that's way she gave surnema Ryen): Spain (Ryen Ryko), France (Ryen Rinka - Normandie / Ryen Shtaro - Paris), Czech Republic (Ryen Ienobu) and New Zeland (Auckland). In Japan Shimizu sensei teach in Saitam (Yoshikawa), Tky (Shinagawa) and Kanagawa.

4th September 2016, 12:20
Interesting read.

Thanks for updating the thread.

6th December 2019, 03:17
Times flows differently on forums that elsewhere on the internet!
As I started the thread 13 years ago please have my thanks for detailed answer!

Cady Goldfield
6th December 2019, 04:07
Time really does flow differently on these ancient internet forums. I'm glad someone posted an answer for you back in 2016, and you got caught up with it now. It's almost like a message in a bottle, finally floating up onto a shore and being found by the intended recipient,nafter years at sea. :0)

Sekiguchi Kenry
1st April 2020, 22:45
It's my pleasure ^_^
I'm happy that you readed my answer so many years after your question.
So, another 4 years has passed since my last reply, so I'm updating news about Ryen ry.
Shimizu sensei is still alive, but now she has arround 78 years old, so shes not traveling outside Japan as much as she want.
Also keiko and movements inside Japan is every day more complicated for her, due her home is far away the main cities. This also affected some Ryen ry dojo arround the world, so many of them stop training.
Our Spain group went to Japan on 2018 for the first (and maybe, and sadly) the last seminar in Shimizu sensei's town, Yoshikawa, in Saitama.
In this seminar, Shimizu sensei corrected me all the waza of the school, both parts shidachi and uchidachi, and also she teached some Chku Jyshin ry kusarigamajutsu. This school is a betsu den inside Jikishinkage ry naginatajutsu, but just people inside the shgo sistem (Renshi, Kyoshi,hanshi) are allowed to learn it. Shimizu sensei created Ryen ry because she wanted to teach her version of Jikishinkage ry kata as she understood 17th ske Toya Akiko teachings, so Ryen ry kata are with the same principles of Jikishinkage ry but diferent forms. But because Chku Jyshin ry is not Jikishinkage ry, Shimizu sensei could teach as is. This school of kusarigamajutsu was created in the early Meiji by Inoue Jyshinsai, a student of Satake Yoshinori and Satake Kanrysai, first coulple ske of Jikishinkage ry naginatajutsu since it's independance from Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage ry. Inoue Jyshinsai was also menky kaiden in Kyoshi Meishi ry kenjutsu, and studied another kory like Toda ry, Yagy Shinkage ry, Muhen Muteki ry and Itt ry. He took the tant-wakizashi curriculum from Jikishinkage ry naginatajutsu, and with all his knowledge, created this kusarigamajutsu school. So, from 2018, we're training also this school, just in the Spain honbu.
Here it's a report of this memorable seminar in Yoshikawa.
Also, because we're now in quarantine in Spain, I post here a video of basic naginata gymnastics to do at home. Sorry that's in Spanish, but I hope the movements could be interesting for you.
Best regards, and keep safe from the coronavirus :)

3rd April 2020, 02:00

I just gotta say, I love your baby in the background! Starting early with the 見学!

Made me smile. Sounds like its rough over there. Stay healthy, and stay training!

Sekiguchi Kenry
3rd April 2020, 06:39
Hahah, yes, my baby is training too with his toy xD
Yes, things here in Spain are quite serious, today we've arround 120.000 infected and 11.000 dead. But not also my family but all the people I know and dojo students are all safe. Take care you too, this gonna be serious also in other countries.

Cady Goldfield
3rd April 2020, 20:56
Thank you for the update and the video, Marcos. My Spanish is not fluent, but I could understand when you said explained that couldn't use the naginata in the house. :0)s

We can hope that the corona virus will run its course within the next few months, and that you will be able to travel to Japan again to train with your teacher next year.