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14th June 2006, 05:45
I am looking for a martial arts school, and I have a particular interest in Bujinkan Taijutsu. There is a school very nearby taught by a Mark Murdock. This is a link to his dojo's webpage: http://www.manabi-masho.com

It would be appreciated if anyone could provide information or observation on the school mentioned above or provide a suggestion for another martial arts school in North Carolina, preferrably bujinkan taijutsu.

Prince Loeffler
14th June 2006, 06:19
Hello Teren !

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14th June 2006, 07:36
Sorry about that. I suppose I was too hasty before my first post.

14th June 2006, 16:36
I recommend Shihan Karl Koch in Durham, North Carolina.

His website is: http://www.budosites.com/hmbd

I have trained with Koch-shihan a few times and have always been impressed and learned much.

Good luck with your search!

Mike Tucker

Travis Ward
14th June 2006, 16:59
I second the recommendation for Shihan Koch. He sponsors our training group here in Harrisonburg, and while we don't get to see him nearly as often as I'd like, every time is extremely valuable and educational.

14th June 2006, 17:59
Thank you for the information. While it looks good, that is a little far away (a little over an hour).

15th June 2006, 16:28
Shihan Koch has several groups under him along the east coast. I advise looking at his website and finding one near you.

Good luck!

Mike Tucker

11th July 2006, 00:27
shot in the dark, is anyone here near Ft Bragg? i was training with a group around here but my training keeps getting interrupted by deployment. i just returned from afghanistan and i am itchin' to train!!!!