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John Anderson
8th December 2000, 22:34
Dear Unsui Sensei,

I would like, if I may, to ask you a question about the correct forms for techniques. I have seen several instructors teach different versions of the same Kihon techniques and have on occasion seen the same instructor teach different versions of the same technique on different occasions. I am not referring to “Henka” here, but to basic techniques and I have noticed this with both Western and Japanese instructors.

I’ve also noticed that on Hatsumi Sensei’s series of Bujinkan videos for Quest, your physical performance of techniques differs from the way that you teach them and the way that you perform them in your “Jissen Kobudo” videos (which by the way are excellent). Two examples which I can think of offhand illustrate my point are Koto Ryu’s Kouyoku and Kukishin Ryu’s Hosetsu.

My question is, would you consider that both versions of these techniques are showing the correct form? Would, for example, a student undergoing examination for rank in the Jinenkan pass if they performed Kouyoku as you perform it in the Bujinkan tape, or is there is only one way to correctly perform these techniques within the Jinenkan?

Thank you for considering this question.

John Anderson

Fumio Manaka
10th December 2000, 14:39
Basics are basics and the form of them must be learned correctly. Some aspects of a kata, however, can be changed slightly based on the size of the opponent, speed, terrain, etc.

A test is a test, though, and for the test to be fair, there must be a standard for everybody who takes it. So, in the Jinenkan, the techniques for a test must be performed in a very specific way.

Manaka Unsui