View Full Version : Wado Ryu karate in Cardiff, UK?

19th June 2006, 14:41
Hi folks,

I moved to Cardiff from Newport where I was training in Traditional Wado ryu - E.g The traditional Tatsuo Suzuki's wado, not the sports version!

Anyway, anyone know of any Wado ryu karate in Cardiff?

Ta :)

19th June 2006, 15:03
Dunno, but Newport's not exactly a million miles away is it? If there was any Wado Ryu in Cardiff, I imagine your instructor would know about it.

Or why not carry on training at your old dojo?

20th June 2006, 14:45
You're right, Newport's only 12 miles or so away and I plan to return there if there's nothing available closer to home.