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28th June 2006, 19:24
I am a 10+ year practitioner of a Matayoshi lineage kobudo style and have had a bit of involvement with Tiara styles. I would be interested in hearing the group's opinions on the two styles, differences, advantages, disadvantages. I hope I am not opening up a can of "my style is better" worms.

29th June 2006, 10:52
The styles have a common root and do Kata that come from the same source. If it is fair to try to sum up the differences in a few lines I would say that from Taira Shinken Sensei we try to put as much Kime or focus in each strike where the Matayoshi Students tend to flow from one strike to the other in a very fluid manner. That being said the Matayoshi guys can hit really hard when they want to and we can flow from technique to technique as well.

Doug Daulton
14th July 2006, 21:31
Following up on Tim's response, I'd say that, like any style comparison, it ultimately comes down to the practitioner, not the style itself. Yes, one style may demonstrate more focus and another style may flow more. But, quality, senior practitioners find the kime AND the flow in any base waza they work.

Aside from that, the weapon sets are slightly different as well. I'll have to go back an check my notes for more detail, but one example is the three-sectional staff. If I am not mistaken, Matayoshi kobudo has it in their curriculum, where RKHS (Taira) does not.

This is an interesting question. The definitive answer would be the basis of a good article or blog post ... assuming it was strictly an etiological comparison and not a "my teacher is better than yours" fluff piece.

17th July 2006, 13:03
I absolutely hate the "my teacher/your teacher" discussions. This is more about stylistic differences, technical strengths and weaknesses, and maybe even some historical background. And yes, the Matayoshi system does include sansetsukun or three sectional staff. So far, all I have managed to do in that direction is beat myself up. :look: