View Full Version : New Bokken Shop

29th June 2006, 04:43
Just letting you all know that http://www.bukikan.com/ is selling Komei Jyuku (Yamauchi-Ha MJER Iaijutsu) style bokkens. Everything is hand made and you can get all sorts of exotic woods. Right now he is making bokken, jo and hanbo, but more weapons will be coming later.

These weapons have been approved by Sekiguchi Komei Sensei and they meet his specifications. Many pictures of his work are on the bukikan site.

Ryo Hazuki
29th June 2006, 06:32
really? How cool! :)

10th July 2006, 02:14
He just added 4500 year old bog oak. It would be a nice bokken to put in a display box and hang on the wall.