View Full Version : Now offering Blades from A Master smith at great Prices!!!

Ryo Hazuki
29th June 2006, 05:37
Hi All,

I can offer custom made Katanas from master swordsmith Zhou Zheng Wu. You may know him from the masters of fire:



To shed some more light on him he is a master smith that comes from a family tradition of smiths. He can make blade in monosteel like most smiths today. But the best thing about his ability is he can forge in San mai, Hon San Mai, Kobuse, and Shihozume Lamination methods. He does so using a mix of Tamahagane and Modern steels to have tradition and strength. He forges out of Long Quan and where he collects his tamahagane is centuries old and some of the steel dates back 150 years!

While Zhou forges in Japanese style he uses more Chinese Hada styles. He has however started to use finger stones in his polishes in the belief that even though he has pride in his Chinese traditions he wants to be as close to Japanese tradition as possible out of respect........Mr Zhou can forge in any of the methods listed above in full custom specification in geometry like Shinogii Zukuri, Shobu Zukuri and Hira Zukuri. He also has some very nice hamon ability.......


Prices are for a fully mounted hand stone polished katana with material and color choice ex. Wood used is traditional japanese aged honoki wood, lacquer is Japanese Kashew Lacquer, Rayskin is imported from Tokyo, and fittings you have a choice of Japanese origionals or copies made fro traditional materials...... Please inquire for more info!!!!

Prices Direct Below are for fully mounted blades with production fittings (basic 11in tsuka 28in blade:

San Mai: $4,000
Hon San Mai:$5,000
Shihozume: $5,500