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30th June 2006, 20:51
Just wondering if anyone knows of a good Jujutsu or AJJ dojo in the area north of Houston, TX, specifically Kingwood or The Woodlands and surrounding areas? In the past I studied Sangaku Ryu Jujutsu under Steve Weiss sensei and later under John Rudy sensei at the Goten dojo in Dallas. I would like to find a similar system within a reasonable driving distance.

Kind Regards,

Roger Samsel

28th July 2006, 17:43
OK, different question. Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge of this Aikido dojo in the Woodlands, Texas?


Jose Garrido
28th July 2006, 19:17
I'm not familiar with Texas but if you are close to Austin you might want to try Rick Fine. He runs an official Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu (mainline tradition) Study Group.

Jose Garrido

29th July 2006, 16:44
Thanks for the plug, José. Too bad that we'd be a 3–4 hour commute for Roger, one-way. Everything's bigger here in Texas, you know (no wise cracks).

Roger, I'm familiar with the school you inquired about, as well as other choices in the area. If you'd like to PM me with a phone number, I'll call you to discuss.