Fumio Manaka
10th December 2000, 15:55
To all those whose interest in Budo has led them to read E-Budo, I give you my thanks. I hope this opportunity has allowed you to learn a little bit about me personally and about the Jinenkan.

With "Justice and Unity" as our motto, the Jinenkan will continue to emphasize the fundamentals, faithful to the Densho, in pursuit of natural movement which is as unforced as the flow of clouds and water.

I thank you for your valuable opinions.


19th March 2001, 14:39
Dear Manaka Sensei,
I was pleased to to find that you continue to walk along the Bugei path while guiding us who are still eager to learn from those who are dedicated to the spirit of their art and not getting stuck in politics.

I still remember when I first met you in Noda city and was impressed not only by your taijutsu, but also by your patience with students at various levels.

When I met you again a few years later some things had naturally changed, but still I felt that inner glow for true techniques and that alone was a source for great inspiration.

Ninpo Ikkan!

David Martin
10th April 2001, 17:42
That's what I don't understand. Why can't the Bujinkan, Genbukan and Jinenkan just train together out in the open and exchange ideas. I hate being put in a position where I have had to choose one or the other. People train in all three organizations and are forced to lie about it, and not talk about it. This is ridiculous! We're all learning Ninjutsu and Budo. Why must it be so secret?
I am sincerely asking.
And when it comes to that, why the need for different organizations anyway?
Please do not be offended. I ask with all due respect.
David K. Martin