View Full Version : where to buy Daido Juku Karate Headgear?

8th July 2006, 10:31
Hi can anyone tell me where i can buy the head gear used in daido juku karate in australia or japan, and / or what type brand etc it is

thanking you

Xi Chen

8th July 2006, 20:07
here is the link: http://www.daidojuku.com/eng/home/index.htm
And click on shop/merchandise you will see it, it's kind of pricey at $152.99 or whatever but if you want it bad enough, like Mark would say, have funsies!

Anders Pettersson
9th July 2006, 00:02
Hi can anyone tell me where i can buy the head gear used in daido juku karate in australia or japan, and / or what type brand etc it is
I think that they use the "Super Safe" brand.

You can buy that from many places in Japan.
Check out Isami (http://www.isami.co.jp/) (here is a direct link to the head gear: http://www.isami.co.jp/hayashi/iteminfo/iteminfo.asp?BmpFileName=z-100&Lang=1)
(I have ordered from the their Tokyo shop and had no problem with communication in English.)

I also found it at Fuji Sports, at the bottom of this page (http://www.fuji-sports.com/shop/budo/karate/bogu/shop.html).

Hope this helps.


9th July 2006, 06:22
thanks guys

Shushi Mark
11th December 2006, 21:27
Hi -- The headgear used by Daidojuko Karate is the same that we use for Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karate, and was in fact created by Shorinjiryu's founder, Kori Hisataka, to allow full contact strikes without injury to yourself or your partner. I had no idea that other martial art styles used the headgear too.

If you're in North America looking for the headgear, check out www.kudakamartialarts.com, a canadian supplier.

take care,

5th January 2007, 19:55
Anyone know if their are any daidojuko branches in the U.S ?

I've tried contacting them with no luck....other then a holiday e-card from the founder wishing me merry Christmas ???? weird.

From what I've seen of the headgear in action....it actually looks like its easier to get knocked out with it on, due to leverage or something. Anyone else notice this?

paul browne
6th January 2007, 08:59
Hi Chris,
You're probably right.
I remember a few years ago, after an Olympics that had more KO's than ever before experts (don't recall how 'expert') saying that two factors were involved. The first was a blinkering effect, where the sides of the headgaurd covering the temples blocked the periferal (spelling?) vision and meant the boxer couldn't see hooks.The other was the increased leverage on the head when the headgaurd was hit, basically the head was rotated much faster with a greater resultant brain shake. Effectively the bigger the wheel rim (outer edge of the gaurd) the faster the hub (brain) rotates.
I think if you google some amateur boxing sites you'll find more detailed information as the usefulness of headgaurds has been widely debated in those circles.
I think (personal opinion only) they are useful in sparring that has moderate contact to the head as they prevent facial damage, cauliflour ears etc. and can prevent damage from head impact with the floor (the biggest cause of death in boxing/contact martial arts) but don't do much to protect against the actual impact on the brain by a hard punch/kick except maybe magnify it.