View Full Version : Koryu Jitte-jutsu in Japan?

31st July 2006, 09:17
Does any one know how to get in contact with Jitte-Jutsu teachers\ dojo`s in Japan? :rolleyes:

31st July 2006, 14:43
Hi Roger,

What jutte schools are you looking for?

31st July 2006, 21:41
I have knowledge of only a few Jitte styles so,
I am looking for any style that is practical, and are willing to teach foreigners. I am also very interested in getting in contact with European exponents of the styles

31st July 2006, 21:43
I see you practice Niten Ichi Ryu - are you aware there is juttejutsu in the syllabus?

Who do you practice NIR with?

1st August 2006, 04:18
I have never seen the Jitte techniques of Niten Ichi Ryu, and was told that the Jitte kata`s is never learned or showed outside Japan. Nor have they ever appeared in any media format I have seen of Niten Ichi Ryu. Are you for familiar with the techniques?

1st August 2006, 08:19
I have seen a couple of the techniques, but not practiced them yet...