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20th August 2006, 22:15
After a long and hard journey, I've almost completed the pathway to manhood
and am less then 13 hours of training away to finishing the challenge of being a man: getting my drivers license!! Least to say, I'm excited. And with the option of travel, I'm also thinking about the MA's. I've stated before that I'm interested in Ninjutsu and I need help chosing one here in Ohio (hopfully close to Columbus) and I've targeted one which I think looks good; Columbus Ninjutsu Club, or CNC for short. Here's their website: http://www.columbusninjutsuclub.com/

If anyone one has heard good things or has trained there, please help me in this decision. Or if you can suggest a good dojo, do that. I've looked through the dojo finder, but I need unbiased views on some of those Ohio dojos close to Columbus, Thank You!:D

Evan London
21st August 2006, 13:33
I'm sorry to tell you, the real challenge for being a man does not end with getting your drivers licence. Very very far from it! You've only just begun.

The successful end of the challenge is when, on your death bed, you haven't killed yourself or anyone else with that licence; you've gotten a good education; successfully completed a long career that has provided a good home and life for your family; met a nice woman and treated her with the love and respect she is due, raised a children who are smart, polite, generous, and well adjusted; and you have many people who will help your survivors remember you with love, fondness, respect, gratitude, and happiness. THAT is the true and successful completion of the test for manhood, and I've probably forgotten somethings as well!

That said, there is a Jinenkan dojo in Colombus under Doug Sunnenberg. He may be reached at dsunnenb@hotmail.com.

Good luck!