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21st August 2006, 16:27
Hi Guys and Gals

I am a software programmer and I am currently building a sparring simulator in which fighters of all persuasions can use at home to add reaction speed training into their shadow fighting training sessions.

I am after some photos of various people. If you are willing to help and get involved in the development of this technology and have a digital camera then I would greatly appreciate it. This is a hobby and a not for profit pastime. The system will be primarily for my own use but once I have completed it I will give a copy to any one that participates and helps me.

What I am after is photos of people throwing various punches and kicks as close to the camera as possible.

I will give you some examples of what I need.

What I need is photos of each technique; which is being thrown at the camera in three stages.

Lets take a punch for an example. The right straight punch to the head. What I need is:

* The punch from the starting position
* The punch half way to the target
* The punch fully extended.

Of course I need left and right side as well.

Then I need kicks of various kinds. Lets take the front kick to the body. What I need is:

* The kick from the starting position with both feet on floor in a sparring stance
* The kick half way to the target which will mean the knee is lifted
* The kick fully extended.

All of these as close to the camera as possible.

This is a list of what I need

Straight punch to head right and left
Hook punch to the head right and left
Upper cut to the head right and left
Jab to the head right and left

Straight punch to body right and left
Hook punch to the body right and left
Jab to the body right and left

Front kick to body right and left
Front kick to the head right and left

Side kick to body right and left
Side kick to the head right and left

Round kick to body right and left
Round kick to the head right and left

Kicks to Legs right and left

If you have any other ideas or variations that would be good too.

Remember … three stages… Start, half way to target and fully extended close up to the camera as if you were going to punch the cameraman’s lights out.

If I have enough photos I can create numerous variations and combinations.

I would very sincerely appreciate any help anyone can give… all for the betterment of the martial arts.

You can email the pics to homeproud1@yahoo.co.nz

Thank you so much for your consideration

Prince Loeffler
21st August 2006, 16:52
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21st August 2006, 17:33
Off the top of my head I'd reccomend going to www.lockflow.com because a lot of these kind of photos allready exist. You would just need to ask Charlie Pearson for permission to use them but I doubt he'd have a problem with it.