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steve hunter
24th August 2006, 21:04
Kyoshi Sensei Ronald George Houser, founder of modern day Karate Jutsu, based out of South Williamsport, PA, passed away today due to complications from cancer of the lungs and brain. August 24, 2006 at 12:48 pm
A martial artist since the late 1960's, Kyoshi Houser studied under many instructors through the years in many Okinawan, Japanese and Chinese styles. An 8th degree Black Belt in his style of Karate-jutsu, Kyoshi sensei had several black belt students that will continue to practice and some to teach the style and preserve his art.
I was at his side when my sensei took his last breath in his sleep. A calm and peaceful passing for a man that has spent most of his life teaching the art that has touched so many people. It was sad and also a relief to many that his suffering was now over. There will be a void in many people's lives.
Kyoshi stayed out of the spotlight and liked it that way. Small dojos, small classes and plenty of hard work. Plenty of great stories to tell that led us all to some sort of a lesson.
His viewing and final ceremony with his students will be held this coming Saturday and later his body will be cremated.
Thanks to all the martial artists that have included him in their prayers. All of us appreciate it very much.
" Rest in peace sensei, your work here is done "
Steve Hunter shihan

24th August 2006, 21:19
My sincerest condolences.

I know what it is like to lose a close friend a mentor in the martial arts. My instructor passed away in 1994 from a heart attack. There were a lot of similarities in the two stories.

Please pass my sentiments and those of my collegues on to those in your school. I will pass this on on my side and we will observe a moment of silence on Saturday.


steve hunter
25th August 2006, 03:20
Thank you sensei for the kind words and I appreciate the moment of silence that you observe. I am sorry for your loss as well. Even though it was long ago, the void is a hard one to fill.


25th August 2006, 15:26
Very big shoes to fill are often best left unfilled.