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4th September 2006, 09:01
I'm preparing for a meeting of sorts with an individual I've been interacting with for quite some time. In order to be properly prepared, I need to track down some very specific information with which to refute any possible claims this person will/may make.

Toward that end, can anyone point me toward listings of the senior-most karateka in the Shotokan lineages?


4th September 2006, 15:53
I hope you'll get better answers than this, but--in order of convenience--you might try--


$75 + postage

$55 + postage

Don't know of anything written since the breakup, but I don't follow it closely anymore either.

Good luck. Maybe you could post your results here when you've done your research...

5th September 2006, 00:35
Have you looked at shotokanworld.com ? The JKA and its many offshoots are listed there, although Shotokan-ryu historically unaffiliated with the JKA are not represented.

16th September 2006, 23:37
Still doing my searching...

I've visited, and emailed, several organizations.

Has anyone heard about the "United States Shotokan Federation?" Or, better yet, how about a Shotokan instructor under that association named Lee Rang Chung?