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16th December 2000, 07:44
Hi, I'm Marco
I'm writing a thesis on Yoshikawa Eiji's "Miyamoto Musashi".
My prof told me I must search all the others japanese book and the films that concern Miyamoto Musashi.
Can anyone of you tell me some useful stuff (or perhaps where I can ask/search) ?

Steve Williams
16th December 2000, 19:53
Hi Marco
Try this for the movies http://us.imdb.com/Tsearch?miyamoto+musashi :nin:

Try this on-line http://search.dogpile.com/texis/search?q=miyamoto+musashi&geo=no&fs=web
There is loads of stuff out there, it is really easy to find, you just need a good look around......

You may get ather answers by asking the same question in the "sword arts" forum.....
BTW it is forum policy to sign all posts with your full name. :D

17th December 2000, 14:47
When I post my request i didn't think someone could have helped me so fast!
Thank you Steve (if I may call you so), I'm very grateful! If I'll pass the thesis, it'll be because you helped me.
By the way, as you have probably understood, that was my first post, so forgive me: my entire name is Marco Simeone.
Again thanks

Neil Hawkins
18th December 2000, 01:06

I just did a search on Google for "Eiji Yoshikawa" (http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&q=Eiji+Yoshikawa) and got 1500 hits, there are many very good reviews and discussions on his books, and links to the various movies and tv shows that stem from them as well as information on him personally.

The internet is a wonderful research tool! :santa: