View Full Version : Live Kusarifundo now available

Matt Stennett
26th September 2006, 13:43
I have a small run of steel kusarifundo available for sale. These are very heavy duty and meant to be hit with. For details and pricing please see the link: http://www.jinenkanseigi.com/kusarifundo.htm

I am not yet set up for paypal, but I can take money orders and will ship for $5 per unit. Also, please be aware of any local laws that may affect your purchase.

Please note that in most states carrying a kusarifundo would be considered possession of an illegal concealed weapon, and in the event you ever were to use the kusarifundo, it most likely would be considered "assault with a deadly weapon". Jinenkan Seigi Dojo assumes no liability in the legal aspect of owning a kusarifundo - it is the BUYER'S responsibility to check all state and local laws and adhere to them. These are not weapons, are not made to be used on any living creature, and are only intended to be used against inanimate targets. They are made as training tools for Classical Japanese Martial Arts.

18th December 2006, 14:09
That's nice but you can make your own for less than about five dollars.

Matt Stennett
18th December 2006, 21:32
Buddy - if you can make them like this for $5 a piece you need to be selling them, not me. I will buy every one you can make.

19th December 2006, 07:28
Yeah these can be made with the correct equipment..
Cut off saw, grinder and drill..
I can make them for way lower price..
Better yet..
I have made them already as well as safety kusarifundo.. you can train with but yet keep the real feeling.. not going to plastic or rope..
So it can be done for those of you who live for $$...

ralph severe, kamiyama