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Mäki-Kuutti Vesa
23rd May 2000, 20:32
Training camp in Finland at Jyväskylä
17.-18.6.2000 Subject: Preparing for Embu.
Graduation possibility. Fee 70.-Fmk. including night at Dojo and Sauna
Teacher; Sensei Juha Utriainen Yondan. Branch Master of Säynätsalo Branch.

Vesa Mäki-Kuutti
Chairman of the Board, sandan
Shorinji Kempo Kajaani, Finland

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Mäki-Kuutti Vesa
18th June 2000, 22:23
The founding of Finland Shorinji Kempo Federation (FSKF) was started in a meeting 18.6.2000 at Petäjävesi Finland. The staff is:
-President Kari Mäki-Kuutti sandan,
-Vice President Vesa Mäki-Kuutti sandan
Members of the Board:
-Secretary Aila Utriainen nidan
-Treasurer Timo Mäki-Kuutti sandan
-Camp Activities Juha Utriainen yondan
-Member Ilkka Virtanen yondan
B r a n c h e s joined:
Jyväskylä Branch
Helsinki Branch
Säynätsalo Branch
C l u b s joined:
Jyväskylän Shorinji Kempo r.y.
Kajaanin Shorinji Kempo r.y.
Helsingin Shorinji Kempo r.y.
Hämeenlinnan Shorinji Kempo r.y.
Säynätsalon Shorinji Kempo r.y.
Petäjäveden Shorinji Kempo r.y.
Muuramen Shorinji Kempo r.y.

Vesa Mäki-Kuutti sandan
Shorinji Kempo Kajaani

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Steve Williams
28th July 2000, 19:50
Terve Vesa
Congratulations on the new federation.
I was intrigued to see that you have a branch in Hameenlinna (or did I misunderstand), can you let me know the address.
My wifes mother is from Lahti and I have two cousins (by marriage) in Turenki (near enough to Hameenlinna).
Next time we visit it may be possible to train there (I am 3rd dan, my wife 2nd dan).
Best Wishes



Mäki-Kuutti Vesa
2nd August 2000, 17:50
Terve Steve

Contact to Hämeenlinna Shorinji Kempo can be to:
Ismo Leinonen mobile phone +358 50 5715805 or to
Petri Wilen tel.358 3 6523344 or to
e-mail: wilen@mail.htk.fi

Contact information to other Finnish Branches you can find
from my homepage:

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