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5th June 2000, 22:59
Hi there..
I'd just like to introduce myself, since I'm a relatively new member of E-budo, arriving only a month or two before the crash..
John's been kind enough to offer me the chance to participate more fully in this wonderful online community, by becoming the moderator of this section.
In no particular order...
I'm a practicing Aikidoka - currently practicing Tomiki Aikido for around 3 months now, though I have practiced Aikikai style previously (around 6 months, stopping due to ill health at the time). This includes some kokyudosa, breathing techniques, which I find useful for meditation (even if not zazen!).
My background with meditation actually started while I was at university. At the time I was a semi-practicing druid, in the sense of solo practice. This included some aspects of meditation, effectively visiting a Grove (more on this in another topic...). I've since shifted my path towards something more akin to Taoism, which I've started looking into recently - having read "The Tao of Pooh" and "The Te of Piglet", two of the best books I've ever read..
Of course my interest into Taoism has extended back into meditation from a slightly different angle, looking within rather than without.. Having read (and currently re-reading more thoroughly) Barefoot Doctor's "Handbook for the Urban Warrior" I've found many of the exercises within to be beneficial to both my Aikido and to meditation.
I've also recently started to re-discover my creative side, in writing haiku..

My apologies if the above is a little unfocused, or brief. It's been a long day, but I felt I ought to introduce myself sooner rather than later..

Take care,

Poetry of Birds,
A Thousand Voice Melody,
Dancing on the Waves
-- David Marshall

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