View Full Version : World WKF championship live on eurosport today and the next 4 days

Martin H
12th October 2006, 11:13
If you have access to the eurosport channel (the largest european sport channel. commonly available in europe, and occationaly available by satelite in other places) you might be interested in knowing that starting today they will be brodcasting the WKF (world karate federation) world championship live from Tampere in Finland.
there will be about a hour and a half live broadcast each day and a summary on sunday. Apparently, and unfortunaly, they will only cover the kumite. For some reason they will not cover the kata sections (atleast from what I hear)


Martin H
14th October 2006, 01:19
Minor correction, or clarification. Not eurosport. Its on the second channel in the eurosport network, "Eurosport 2".

Gary Wado
16th October 2006, 18:05
If you didn't manage to catch the coverage or don't have Eurosport 2, you can download the highlights from the following site:


Gary Needham

23rd October 2006, 15:15
I couldn't find any highlights. Where can I find it please?

Paul Adamson

Gary Wado
24th October 2006, 09:32
Looks like they have updated the site and taken off the clips.

The WKF Web site details the results. Cant see any clips though.