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19th October 2006, 10:58
Hello there,
Have any of you got any opinions on the Oni Forge range of swords, I would be especialy keen to hear any experiance you have had cutting with one, I have been looking at the Yamabushi model, but I am after a sword that will be used for alot of tamashigiri.
Kind Regards James

dan keup
19th October 2006, 15:03
I recently cut with the Oniforge Shobu zukuri prototype. It cut quite well. It is a very robust blade.

28th October 2006, 03:44
Dan, I've bought several iaito & three shinken from Oni Forge. Loren Graves is very easy to work with, & is a wealth of knowledge on metallurgy & specifically why a blade cuts well - & that says a lot because I'm an engineer who has worked in metallurgy for almost 40 years!

I bought several of his blue Ukigumo shinken, including one for my Sensei & one for myself. I am really quite impressed, too!! My tameshigiri has improved immensely since I started using that blade.

I was actually one of Loren's dealers for a few months, by the way, but then turned that dealership over to my Sensei when he decided that the profits could be well-used in our dojo.