View Full Version : Yari / naginata kake

20th October 2006, 17:55
Hello all.
One of our Dojo’s students constructed this gorgeous rack for our yari and naginata. The kake holds ten in front and ten in back. Just wanted to share.

Bruce Mitchell
21st October 2006, 00:48
That looks great! Thanks for sharing.

23rd October 2006, 06:54
Have you found any warping of the wood?It doesn't seem like the support would create that problem but I was wondering why you had chosen to keep the weapons vertical rather than horizontal in your dojo?

24th October 2006, 13:37
Yes, warping is an issue with our yari (due to the weight at the ends). But, the new racks were needed due to a lack of wall space.

26th October 2006, 00:04
Very nice! thank you -


12th November 2006, 13:48
Hey SFoster, nice stand.
That student should be well complimented!
I like the light colour too, goes well with the light weapons.

You need some 'delves' or spacers in the bottom trays to keep the butts lined up vertically with the gaps in the top rail.
That way even klutzes can put their weapons back and they'll look neat.

I make stands myself.