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25th October 2006, 12:09
Hi guys,

When I was cleaning my shinsakuto the other day, i notice little black holes, the size of pin heads on the mune of my blade. I cant find them anywhere else but on the mune. Does anyone know what these might be?? Anything serious?? Inferior steel?? The blade is a Gassaku by Kanetsugu/ and his son Mitsuhiro.

Any ideas??

Kind Regards,

Andy Watson
25th October 2006, 13:23

I'm guessing that it is corrosion from the sweat and acid from your hand. There are two places that get it worse than the rest:
1. Close to the tsuba where the sword rests against the hand before noto.

But more likely

2. The centre of the mune when the sword is gripped for seitei kata Soetezuki (if you do seitei) where there is an even greater risk of muck from the palms and fingers of your hand get onto the blade.

If it is a real work of art sword I would suggest you take it to a legit sword polisher. Ensure you really give the sword a good clean after training and that you coat it with enough oil to be visible rather than just a damp smear.


25th October 2006, 21:00
it could also be left over residue/carbon from forging?

have they always been there?
if they are tiny they should polish out hopefully
hope its all ok

25th October 2006, 23:47
Yes, they have always been there since i received my sword. Thanks for your answers.

Kind Regards,