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20th December 2000, 00:23
I would like to know if anyone here has had "odd" experiences while practicing the above mentioned disciplines. By "odd" I mean anything that seemed way beyond your ability to explain or comprehend, stuff that you might think twice about telling people in public.

This is a vague and abstract request, I know, but I think that the folks (if there are any here) that have had such experiences will know what I am talking about.

And this isn't a thread like the infamous Oni Ki thread of a few months back. If you would like details of what I am talking about, let me know. Email me personally if you like. I will disclose anything and everything to those interested enough to ask, including the training methods I have gone / am going through.


R Erman
23rd December 2000, 05:04
I guess I'll start this off. I've been practicing meditation in conjunction with a plethora of ki/chi enhancement exercises since I was about sixteen. Like most, who are honest, I don't "breathe" near as much as I should/could or would, like to.

My personal experiences(that I'm willing to share on a public forum) include some of what I would consider run-of-the-mill. Other experiences are more rare.

First off, I frequently experience a low, steady vibration in the hara(this occasionally happens outside of meditation on a sporadic level). Often I begin to sweat profusely, and my temperature seems to spike regardless of room temperature. This is usually a sign of the body removing toxins, I understand, unless it is willed by the meditator. It also points to an imbalance(too much yang/yo)in Chi-Gung. I've also had intense pressures build in some areas of the body assoc. with energy centers(meridians and/or chakras).

Some of the more bizarre, and isolated, incidents include near-violent energy rushes up the spine. These are referred to as Kriya in Kundalini nomenclature, and are usually a precursor to the kundalini itself(not for me, however). I've also had, to date, three experiences that I would refer to as out-of-body experiences. None of these were done intentionally, and one actually occurred sometime after I'd finished my breath-work. In all three cases it was fairly short, and very scary.

What I find intriguing about meditation experiences, and I've had conversations with folks both novice and senior to me in terms of time and dedication, are how common are these experiences. It really doesn't matter what tradition a person hails from, there exists a common ground that defies culture, race, religion(spiritual tradition)...etc. And yet, so many people doubt their experience(s). I have distinct memories of my feelings and impressions during most of the above events. Yet, as the time between the present and the event increases, I find myself doubting the authenticity of what happened. I think it deals with consensual reality, somehow. I know what happened(at least from my tenuously, objective perspective). My memory is very clear in regards to the experiences, yet because it is so far outside of day-to-day living I think the conscious brain tries to rationalize the event into mundane terms. The logic usually falters, however.

Anyway, I didn't mean to go off on that tangent. The permanent effects of my practice are also fairly "normal" for avid practitioners: Improved clarity and calm. Enhanced empathy(telempathy). Lower rate of illness and/or effects of an illness,if contracted(Flu and Cold symptoms). Stronger/more frequent "connections" with people, places, and occasionally, objects.

Hope this isn't too much, I tried to remain general. Also hope this is the kind of thing you were expecting.

Dream True,

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andre joseph
23rd December 2000, 14:34
I mail matt about this i don't know if he recieved it are not. This type of subject's or usually not treated well, but i have practice certain breathing and meditaion drills for a few year from a old teacher. there were diffrent type of breathing methods for position and what not. mostly it would include a flowing energy like a invisable ball of water, flaring up and down at times. sometimes out the blue you could make a certain move of the hands and there it is again. i found when i practise these meditation iam more intune with the energy of my surroundings and people. even able to feel danger befor hand. but i have been out of practise for a while i've just started learning ninpo and have only been practicing it for a year so i haven't made it to that part of the art as of yet.