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1st December 2006, 04:54
Budo weapons is proud to announce a new affiliation with Cheness Swords. After searching for two years, we have found a sword line that falls into the ideals that Budo Weapons has been founded on being affordable in price, better than average product on the market we have finally settled on Cheness.

In our opinion no other shinken sword line on the market equals their price and quality. They offer swords in a unique metal matrix of 9260 Carbon Spring Steel. Other competitors are just as functional and maybe more ornate. These features tend to equate into larger costs for folded blades or even certain mono steel blades made by the same manufacturer. Cheness manufactures high quality blades in three different configurations- folded, monosteel (two different types), and their 9260 Spring steel line (the best out of all). They also offer iaito and some accessories such as stands and cleaning supplies.

All swords come with a cloth bag for storage just like their competitors.

How is this better? With traditional carbon steel, folded or mono-steel those, swords can run the risk of being bent during such practice for tameshigiri. The 9260 line is the premier line of swords from Cheness that when put under the stresses in situations where normal swords can be bent permanently Cheness swords return to their original straightness with the need for having to have the sword sent out to a specialist to have it restraightened. This can cost hundred of dollars.

We taken on their entire line of live blade shinken and are available for immediate sale and delivery.

We encourage you to strongly take a look at what Cheness offers through Budo Weapons at this web page: Swords at Budo Weapons (http://www.budoweapons.com/Online%20Catalog/swords.htm)

John Lindsey
1st December 2006, 05:24

Please keep your business posts in this forum only. That is why I have it here. Multiple postings in the other forums are not allowed...

1st December 2006, 11:31
We taken on their entire line of live blade shinken and are available for immediate sale and delivery.

What sort of delivery time are you looking at to the UK?

Also its December now, any idea on my 'delivery time' for my February 06 order.

Not much patience left now after nearly 10 months of waiting.

1st December 2006, 13:25
delviery time to the UK for these swords are 1-2 weeks or less. They are available for immediate shipment. The 1-2 week lead time is being very liberal in time because of the customs issues in overseas countries.
As for your order, if you check your email- I sent you a note yesterday.