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16th December 2006, 03:28
hi everyone,

im looking to start training in the north eastern Massachusetts/southern New Hampshire area.
i havent studied any form of martial arts since i was young (20 years ago, im 30 now) and im now in the position to restart training.
from my searching it seems that the closest options are at least an hour or so away and meet 1 night a week.

so my question is can anyone advise me towards a reputable dojo or a qualified teacher who may be willing to train me.

thank you

13th February 2007, 02:32
hello again,
I have found a local instructor who is willing to meet with me about his private lessons, his name is Dennis Mahoney.
Does anyone know him, or of him? i have contacted him through email, and he seems very legitimate.
I however would like some experienced or knowledgeable opinions of his qualifications, before i commit to training with him.
I know he trains with Mark Davis of Boston martial arts, is a licensed Bujinkan teacher, and seems like a open honest nice guy.
any information would be extremely helpful to me

thank you

Evan London
13th February 2007, 14:27
Paul Baker runs a small Jinenkan training group in Boston. He can be reached at: Paul.Baker@tufts.edu

Good luck!

13th February 2007, 22:00
thank you Evan, but Boston would be a bit of a haul for me, at least an hour and a half each way.
Which is why I am thrilled that ive found someone about a half hour from me. I just wanted to do a little research and make sure noone has any reason for me to avoid Mr. Mahoney (although im thinking based on what i know so far that im going to jump in feet first and like it)

thank you