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23rd December 2000, 03:02
This style of Ju Jutsu ( also known as Fokuno style ) was started in Japan in 1660. I would be most grateful for any information on this stlye, particulalry any information on dojos in Japan as I will be living there eventually. Thanx for taking the time to read this. Dave

Neil Hawkins
23rd December 2000, 23:23
Sorry Dave, can't really help much, all I know about Ryoi Shinto Ryu is that is the style James Shortt practiced and the very basics of the history. It is a style closely associated with security and military combatives, owing to Shortts influence, I don't know how much of the original system has survived.

I just did a search on Google and got 40 hits, but most came from similar sources in the UK. I believe that the style is associated with the World Jujutsu Federation and in confined pretty much to the UK, parts of europe and Japan. The people in Ireland should be able to put you in touch with schools either in your area or in Japan, their website is located at http://members.aol.com/jujutsuire/.



25th December 2000, 16:21

Peter King in the UK Bujinkan Dojo is Menkyo Kaiden in Ryoi Shinto Ryu. He was a student and extremely close friend of Jim Shorts. Peter has shown me a little of the school, and it is very effective and offensive to the opponent. I have also seen a little of a video that Jim made. I know there is a web site as I have seen it in the past. This belongs to Jim Short who is based I think in Ireland.
Peter is still strongly connected to the Ryoi Shinto ryu. his email is
any problems with that get back to me (Poryu@hotmail.com)

Paul Richardson

26th December 2000, 07:31
Thanx guys. Its actually Tony Carrick who runs Ryoi Shinto Ryu in Ireland now, and I train with him. I was actually looking for info on Japanese dojos as we have lost touch with the man who brought it here in the first place.

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