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6th February 2007, 21:27

I moved from San Diego within the last year, and have finally arrived back in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and I was wondering if there was a Bujinkan training group anywhere nearby? I've done several searches, and I haven't really yielded many results. Actually, I've come up with nothing.

I'm not really interested in "Dallas Ninjutsu Academy," nor am I looking at Bussey's off-shoot here, neither. No offense to those who are involved with them, but I'm really just looking to continue forth with my Bujinkan training, which, to be honest, didn't get too far (I was in the Navy and always out to sea).

Anyhow, I'm currently in Bedford. If anyone has any information, please send me a PM. Before I left for the Navy in 2000, I had met up with Butch, who had a small group that was training somewhere in Arlington, if I remember correctly. I know he's no longer with us, but what about the people he trained with?


6th February 2007, 22:36
Hello Jerry,

I Havent Heard Of Any Bujinkan Dojos In The D/fw Area For Quite Some Time Now. George Kohler And Myself Are The Only Genbukan Dojos In The Dfw Area. If I Hear Of Anything I Will Let You Know.

Greg Weathers
Fuga Dojo Cho

6th February 2007, 23:04
Hi Jerry,

Dallas used to be kind of a "Mecca" for Bujinkan in Texas. Now it has exploded all over the state, indeed all over the country. I do know that James Garcia still teaches a small, very close-knit group in Dallas, but I think he is not accepting new students. He will contact you if he is, he reads this board occasionally (though maybe not this thread). Luke Molitor is in far North Dallas (Plano/Allen area) and he has a very nice website (or did, I hven't been to it in a while). You can get the information at Winjutsu. I generally come to Dallas about twice a year, to Arlington and Euless. Pretty close to you. I am always looking to train wherever I am and if I have time I would like to train with you when I get there, probably be in the summer. If you are interested please send me a PM.

13th February 2007, 18:40
l would love someone to train in bujinkan or to shin do with in the dallas area, i don't have much experience in those arts but do have some(i studied for a few months while i lived in florida with a few different bujinkan dojos, did some seminars that kind of stuff) and would like some input on the home study courses by van donk and hayes...any experience good or bad

j. mcginn

13th February 2007, 20:00
check the other thread you posted for comments on Homestudy rather than have two threads running.