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Kaori Iida
11th February 2007, 04:26
Anyone familiar and have pictures of so called "tribal" tattoos of the Okinawans historically? I've searched google and only come up with information on how women had done it to keep from being taken to brothels or how some tattoo the backs of their hands... that's all I really know. Anyone?

-Harley Martin

Ed Gingras
12th February 2007, 09:19
There is a reference to this practice in the book "Okinawa, The History of an Island People" written by George H. Kerr. To my knowledge, it has not been practiced since prior to WWII.

Edward Gingras

13th February 2007, 00:43
You may want to inquire of Don Shapland Sensei who was kind enough to provide me of a first hand account from his experiences with many elders on Okinawa.

Andy Morris
Delmar, NY USA