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8th March 2007, 13:38
I saw this on Aikido Journal and thought I would post it here. Kensho Furuya Sensei, of the Aikido Center of Los Angeles, passed away this week, he was 58 years of age. Furuya Sensei suffered a heart attack after class and was not responsive to CPR.


George Kohler
8th March 2007, 20:05
I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Furuya Sensei.

Brian Owens
10th March 2007, 08:23
Through his books, videos, and personal work, Rev. Furuya did much in spreading Aikido and Budo.

My condolences to his family, friends, students, and peers at ACoLA and elswhere.

10th March 2007, 11:06
Sorry to hear about the Reverend's passing. Thoughts and prayers for his family and friends.

13th March 2007, 01:18

I am blown away!

I was a huge fan of his in terms of his writing etc. I swear to God I was going to e-mail him last week to ask him some questions, but kept putting it off due to being busy.

I am very sad to hear this and really in a state of shock!

My condolances to his family and friends.

Domo Arigato Furuya Sensei...

Joseph Svinth
13th March 2007, 03:05
A few years back, I talked awhile with a Nisei fellow about kendo in Seattle during the 1930s. He had lots of good stories, etc., that helped point me in the right directions. He died about a week later.

Bottom line? Never put off asking those questions -- stuff happens.

Brian Owens
13th March 2007, 04:25
Very true.

Last November I had stopped for lunch literally next door to my old karate teacher's new location. But I was running a little late for work and didn't stop in to say hello. He died that very day.

13th March 2007, 04:45
You guys are right!

Also I make his Kodo required reading in my Dojo. One of my students last Wednesday was telling me how much that book inspires him and keeps him motivated. That conversation was part of the reason I wa going to write him.

making this thing a bit stranger, my wife while reading the paper said hey, guess who died? I said who, she showed me, Richard Jeni, suicide. He was a comic we enjoyed, I sat down at the pc and went to e-budo and seen this.

Weird and very sad...

19th March 2007, 17:15
I finally saw a photo of this guy. It just hit me that this is one of the men responsible for my entry in the martial arts. I saw him in a Discovery Channel documentary several years back. (cant remember the title but it was a mixed MA-prog about Japanese, chinese, different principles and so on). I was hooked right away and it destroyed some of the (negative) ideas I had about MA in generals..Like it was only full of bullies wishing to thump their chest and beat up each other. Kensho changed all that. After that I started checking out "Morihei Ueshiba"...and the rest is history as they say.

Very sorry to see him go so soon. Considering where I am now (as a person) thx to martial arts I can say this man made a real difference in my life.

22nd March 2007, 17:56
Rev. Furuya deserves credit for his efforts at spreading martial arts, especially Aikido. If I remember correctly, he also invited Dr. Lester Ingber to write the book that became "Karate Kinematics and Dynamics".

May the good Rev. Furuya Rest In Peace!

19th February 2008, 23:07
I am very sorry to hear that. I was not aware.

I have several books by Furuya Sensei, and I still flip through Kodo now and then.