View Full Version : Transfer VHS cassette to Region Free DVD

Paul Steadman
14th March 2007, 01:09

Back up or transfer your old VHS (NTSC or PAL) video cassette movies to DVD for FREE.

* Old footage of sensei's visit to your dojo
* Your or your child's first ever class, grading or tournament
* Tournament and grading footage
* Seminars & workshop films
* In-house instructional and reference films
* In-house instructor/staff training footage
* Training/experimenting in the backyard ;-)

International service: Just mail your video cassette and a blank DVD with an 'International Reply Coupon,' for the same amount as what it cost for you to send the item/s or USD$10- international money order (postal cheque) per video/blank DVD transfer. Australian Domestic Service: Mail your video cassette and a blank DVD with Australia Post stamps to the same value as what it cost to send your item/s or an Australia Post money order for AUD$7.00.

We will transfer your VHS (NTSC or PAL) movie to a region free DVD. We do not offer comprehensive editing or DVD authoring. The transfer to DVD will include basic transfer, with footage commencing approx 5 seconds before the first frame and ending approx 5 seconds after the last and final frame of the entire cassette. A basic DVD menu showing the DVD title and a still picture and playable thumbnail icon of the movie. This will also include a basic 5 minute chapter index.

Please include a statement on your personal or dojo/club letterhead that you hold the copyright and/or distribution rights to the film that you wish to transfer.

Other services are available at further cost such as:

* Transfer 2 or more VHS movies to DVD (includes a DVD menu with a still/playable thumbnail for each title)
* Basic chapter indexing (insert a multiple chapter index points where you want anywhere in the movie)
* Print matte or glossy titles with your logo directly on to DVD
* Print DVD cover inserts for DVD covers

Please e-mail marsinfonet@yahoo.com.au for further details.