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18th March 2007, 04:09
Are there any kenjutsu schools in southern VT, hopefully near Brattleboro (if you know where that is). Thank you.

Charles Mahan
18th March 2007, 20:21
Best I can do is White River Junction, Vt. It's about an hour North of Brattleboro on I 91.

Eliza Meeker sensei teaches Muso Jikiden Eishin ryu in which she holds the rank of Rokudan Renshi. She lived in Japan for ten years, returning to the US about 2 years ago. Solid Iai. It's a bit of a drive, but it might be your best option. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you a pm with contact information.

Ren Blade
19th March 2007, 00:43

If you're willing to make the drive to Boston, MA, I teach Kenjutsu of Nami Ryu Aiki Heiho at Boston Samurai Arts.


I have one student that drives about 2.5 hours one way from Maine to train with us in Boston. So I open the offer to you as well seeing that Brattleboro, VT to Boston, MA is a 2 hour drive one way.

Walter Wong
Boston Samurai Arts

E. Johnstone
22nd March 2007, 13:54

I see that you are in Marlboro (I used to live in Wilmington). As you are a Vermonter, I would think that you wouldn't consider White River Junction to be too far out of the way for you to train in authentic JSA (the only exception being the condition of Route 9 during a good winter storm, eh?) . Legitimate JSA's are just not that widely available in New England (I have someone make a 2 hour drive to RI from western Connecticut for an 8:00 am class on Saturdays) just yet, so if you are interested, I would look into the options that have been presented to you.

Brian Dunham
23rd March 2007, 16:20
There is a MJER Jikishinkai study group across the river in Keene(sorry, I don't have contact info). Also, I teach MSR in Concord,NH(a little over an hour away,and there is another MSR dojo in Florence,MA(a little less than an hour).

E. Johnstone
23rd March 2007, 16:31
I can provide the contact info for the MJER study group in Keene should you be interested...drop me a pm.

M. Tuttle
22nd July 2008, 19:14
Hey stepsoftly,

I'm not sure if you're still interested but, there is a school in Brattleboro. Check out http://www.barus.com or pm me for details.

M. Tuttle