View Full Version : Karate's Popularity?

Kaori Iida
3rd April 2007, 15:16
I was wondering if anyone knew of Karate's popularity as a spectator sport? Is it really popular among the Japanese people to watch? Is there a huge following or is it just something people like to do rather than watch?

-Harley Martin

Brad Burklund
5th April 2007, 23:35

I think you would have to define the type of karate and then define the audience for it.

Kyokushin tournaments were at one time very popular and K1 Grand Prixs probably have good viewership. However, you have to define the K1s as karate despite their overtures to more or less MT style kickboxing--but they are sponsored by a karate organization..so maybe in some sense the definition can possibly be applied. However, for me it would have to be stretched a bit.

Like most elsewhere, I think professional sports such as baseball and soccer (with the exception of Sumo for a martial sport), far outstrips viewership for karate...or any other martial sport for that matter.


Prince Loeffler
6th April 2007, 04:26
what'S a karate ? :)

10th April 2007, 19:14
what'S a karate ? :)

It's,how can I put it, like what you and I do, sort of.