View Full Version : South African Training Visit

14th April 2007, 18:12
From June 1 to the 11th, Kuniyoshi Sensei one of Akamine Esuke's Shihans, the vanHeerdens, Emile and Penny, myself, and Effie Shelyen from Israel will be Joining DeBeers Sensei from South African Goju Ryu who has trained under Uehara Ko Sensei for BBQ training Safari training and BBQ. I think I got that order right. Each of the people traveling mentioned above are certified instructors, but we will also be joined by Kiri-san from our Tokyo dojo. That makes 6 Dan Grade Kobudo Sei joining the considerable talent in country. It should be a great time. Please do join if you are in the area.

Did I mention that BBQ is Braii in Afrikaans?

We are also working on convincing Chris in Canada to join us.