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17th April 2007, 23:28
Hello. I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me a list of Koryu Jujutsu ryu in NY? I only know of Sosuishi Ryu. It is taught at the Seibukan in NY. I would also like to know if this school is legitimate? Thank you for all your help.

18th April 2007, 02:56
Sorry, just did some more reading. The school is definetly legitimate. Sorry if it sounded at all offensive. Still would greatly appreciate any other Koryu jujutsu school that can be found in NY, even NJ close to NY. Thanks again

19th April 2007, 01:54
Anyone know of any?

Steve Delaney
19th April 2007, 08:01
Anyone know of any?

I think that is all you will find in the NY area for Koryu jujutsu mate. Koryu jujutsu is kind of rare in the United States at present. Most being down south or in the Pacific Northwest.

You might want to start researching outside New York State.

Hope this helps.

19th April 2007, 20:07
Thank you very much for the advice.

Kenshin Butsu
19th April 2007, 23:12
You might want to try contacting "Jose Garrido" <<that's his username
He has a study group right outside New York, on the outskirts of Jersey.
I took a bus ride once from the City to the dojo where he trains and it took me about 45 minutes. Not that far...

He posted his contact information somewhere on this forum...good luck~