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2nd May 2007, 04:02
Hi Guys,

I just bought some nunchakus from crane mountain. Has anyone ever dealt with them before, and share their experiences? www.crane-mountain.com

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9th October 2007, 00:26
Overall CraneMountain are very good, I have a pair of their purpleheart Nunchaku and some other weapons. On the downside they sometimes take a great deal of time for making the weapon, that said they are absolutely one of my favourites. :)

9th October 2007, 02:40
Very good products,custom made stuff takes more time.But the wait is well worth it.I have many of their weapons,nunchaku,bo,tonfa,eku and tecchu.I have several of each type in the different weapons and have more on order now.There are other companies that make very nice weapons also but Crane Mountain weapons are my favorite.Pam and Joe have a good thing going.They will alter any of their weapons to your specs,and have a tremedous selection of woods to chose from.My kobudo sensei Don Shapland makes their tinbe for them he also makes his own style of rochin,tonfa,muge nunchaku and kama.http://clearblogs.com/albums/Kobudon/there are pictures here.

Hank Irwin
3rd November 2007, 02:41
I am making weaponry again after over a year of recuperating from a fall I took that broke my friggin neck and left me totally paralyzed. I am just a little slow though, but I grow stronger now everyday. You can come by and see some in my slide shows on my page, and can see a few on my site page, but, haven't updated it in over a year. And, Haisai my Budo Brothers, McCarthy Sensei, KusanKu, VengalSan and everyone I haven't spoke to in what seems like an eternity. Haisai DougSan too. Bun Bu RyoDo:D

http://www.myspace.com/bushinoji (http://http://www.myspace.com/bushinoji)

25th November 2007, 16:27
I have purchased 2 bo's, 2 pair of tekko and even had them remake the handles on a a pair of kama for me and I am happy with them. I also get the name boards and have had some signs done from them. Pam and Joe are great but patience is a virtue on custom work.

Robby Bray
26th November 2007, 02:40
I have many of there weapons and our group has spent several thousands of dollars with them over the past few years and have been completely happy with all of them until recently. In one week I have just broken two of there eku's and to say the least am somewhat dissappointed that Pam said she would not replace either one of them. The second one was a wood species that she told me herself would not break because I was attending a demonstration to perform kata. Around 800 people witnessed it break. Not too sure what to say about that except that whenever I walk over to the weapons rack on the wall I am scared to death to pick up an eku.