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14th May 2007, 22:17
I wanted to purchase the template for attendance cards offered via Turtle, but they no longer carry the item. I am trying to design one myself but these endeavors usually end in tears. Does anyone use-have said cards that they would be willing to share in doc form ? Perhaps we all could get together and wiki a new student attendance card ? What say you ?

Gregory Poretz
Kenshokan MAA

18th May 2007, 21:17
Have you tried microsoft office templates? You may need to slightly customize them, but that's pretty simple.


19th May 2007, 13:26
Personally, I like to keep things as simple as possible...have you considered the old attendance ledgers that our school teachers used to use?

Asiatic Budoka
20th May 2007, 16:37
Try here (http://www.goshinproducts.com), they have one that you can download for free. Although it was a bit unclear to me how it should be used. Good Luck!

Shareef Muhammad