View Full Version : Glock 33 - .357 SIG: Opinions?

Jason Chambers
20th May 2007, 18:16
Hello folks.

I was wondering what the general opinion on the Glock 33 was in the world of law enforcement... I purchased one to be used as a backup weapon. It shoots really well and I am pleased but until I saw it in the store, I was unaware Glock made a pistol to chamber a .357 round.

I would also be interested in hearing what those with experience with the S&W .40 TSW pistol have to say about it. I think it is ungodly heavy and the double action only sucks, making a poor choice for a departmental service weapon.

And you can't find an in stock holster for it to save your six. :(

22nd May 2007, 16:43
There is information circulating now through law enforcement firearms news groups regarding problems with the .357 SIG in the GLock frame-including guns falling apart.
Greater pressures increased recoil without a beefing up of the gun in comparison to the .40 or the 9mm. If you want please send me a private message and I will e-mail the info to you-if I can find it.

Duane Wolfe

Jason Chambers
22nd May 2007, 22:24
Sent you the PM...

I really don't think I would run into any such a problem with it being a back up only. Unless they are really that bad, my time at the range shouldn't have that much of an effect on it. Thanks for the info though.

Douglas Wylie
1st June 2007, 05:24
The only problem I have with weird calibers is the difficulty in finding ammo.

After Katrina many places (Walmart, Academy) removed their guns and ammo and others (Jim's) sold out quickly. You literally couldnt get ammo at all for over a month, and a couple months at some places (Walmart).

So in a stress situation laying hands on ammo is a problem. God forbid we get to a mad max state of affairs.

Jason Chambers
1st June 2007, 09:41
I have been lucky enough to find, at least, ball ammo at Walmart for it. I get my hallows from BR Police Supply... Hey, that's down by you guys, neh?

Douglas Wylie
1st June 2007, 14:19
Don at BRPS had a shodan from us years ago. We have since moved off of Sherwood, behind the Egg Roll King.