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20th May 2007, 18:12
Just wanted to put this out there,

I started Volunteering with this group in jan 2006. It's an after-school program located in Up-state New York (Buffalo, Niagara Falls area). The program is called the SumoKids initiative, and involves teaching children discipline and respect based upon the tenets of Sumo.

The program has been a huge success wherever it has been in practice, and the community response has been great! Unfortunantly other than myself, we only have two other fellows who are currently available to help in implementing the program at schools and community centers. I would like to put a shout out to anyone with any sort of back ground in teaching/martial arts, or are simply just interested in those fields and would like to be part of a fast-paced interactive learning adventure for kids age 4-16 to contact myself, or via e-mail through out website www.sumokidsfoundation.org

We are also a charitable organization, and would appreciate any support (kudos, or otherwise) you Sumo fans could give!

Thanks much!