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sven beulke
14th June 2007, 08:00
Hi All!
Anyone has a clue how the fukuro-shinai used in Tatsumi-ryu Tojutsu looks like.

Thanks and Greetings!

14th June 2007, 16:25
Hi Sven. I have a book that shows some pictures of Tatsumi Ryu guys using fukuro shinai, and as far as I can tell theirs look similar to the Nen Ryu or Kashima Shinto Ryu models. White leather that completely incases the bamboo, stitch running down the entire length, and what appears to be a padded tsuba. If you want to get information straight from the source, try contacting Liam Keeley, a certified Tatsumi Ryu instructor who maintains a website here (http://www.users.bigpond.net.au/koryu/index.html). The few times I've contacted him he's been very helpful.

sven beulke
15th June 2007, 07:35
Hi David!
Thanks for your answer. Whats the name of the book you mentioned?
I will contact Mr. Keely !

15th June 2007, 21:41
Sven, the book is the first volume of Nihon Kenjutsu. If you go to the futago trader website (http://budoguten.futagotrader.com/books/), and click on the category "kenjutsu," it will be one of the first things to pop up. Very interesting set of books with chapters on a lot of the famous schools of swordsmanship; the first volume includes Katori, Kashima Shinto, Yagyu Shinkage, Tatsumi, and others, while the second volume includes Jikishinkage (the premier style of Japanese swordsmanship ;) ), Nen, Nakanishi-ha Itto, and others. Sadly I don't know enough kanji to read the articles, but the pictures are still excellent.

sven beulke
16th June 2007, 13:12
Thanks David!
I heard of this books and they are on my "wishlist" for a while!