View Full Version : looking for japanese jujitsu in bergen county nj

23rd June 2007, 17:42
hi, guys. i live in bergen county, new jersey, and i'm looking to see if there's any japanese jujitsu in the area. can anyone help me out?

dave orr

Larry Feldman
21st July 2007, 02:03
It's your lucky day. The DePasquale family has been teaching Ju Jitsu in Bergen County since the 60's. Michael DePasquale Sr. managed the martial arts exhibition at the Japanese Pavillion in the 1964 World's Fair.

His son Mike Jr. has a dojo in Riverdale. The basis of style they teach is Hakko Ryu - and their current modifications to that system. The name of the Dojo is Dojo Yoshitsune 201-666-7100, or check with information.

Larry Feldman
21st July 2007, 02:19