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26th June 2007, 21:07
I want to announce the opening of a new jujitsu school in Louisville, Kentucky.

The style is Niseido Ju Jitsu, a modern form of traditional ju jitsu. Our style consists of Judo, grappling, joint manipulations and standing self defense techniques. Our self defense (goshin jitsu) consists of modern weapons, such as knife, gun, stick, bat, as opposed to sword or bo staff.

Though having a more modern-day approach to jujitsu, we are one of the few traditional styles of Ju Jitsu in the Louisville, Kentucky area....most others I've found are mixed martial arts (ground and pound) schools.

If anyone in the Louisville, Kentucky area is intested in (or know someone interested in) learning a traditional style of ju jitsu...please direct them to our website:


There's a phone number and e-mail link on the web page if you have questions about our club, or our style.


Jim Mahanes