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7th July 2007, 06:39
Hello I am looking for training partners in Comox BC.

I have been training for 30 + years my Father has been training since 1948 .
I have trained in many different Ryu-ha from Japan to the USA . My Dad was obviously the biggest influence although I have trained with Sensi Wally Jay , Shoto Tanamura sensi , Dr. Hatsumi , Steven Hayes , Doron Navon , Ronald Duncan, Paul Forrester and a whole bunch of others both popular and unpopular .
I was seriously injured slowed me down a bit and I have a few limitations .
I have dan rankings in 2 Jujutsu Ryu-ha 1 is north american the other is from japan .

I am training again I am looking to find a training partner with some basic skills and a keen interest in Budo .

I am also very interested in Kenjutsu and have worked many years studying the fundamentals , we have bogu and practice a form of modifide kendo I can not call it kendo as I have no formal training in Kendo however I have had formal training in kenjutsu thus "modifide Kendo"
I also enjoy Hanbojutsu I beleave Hatsumi sensi's greatest contribution to my ciriculum were the hanbojutsu skills he taught in my presence and those included in his book Stick fighting .

I am far from perfect I have a lack luster of language skills as I am recovering from both injuries to my bodey and head .

Budo is how my mom and dad met , Budo is also how I came in contact with my wife of nearly 20 years so budo has been a important part of my life in many aspects I have 4 children who are between ages 7 and 15 I want them to inherit from me the skills I inherited from my father and more .
So at this point I am climbing back up the mountain I have climbed so many times in my life again a little more beat up than in the past I am looking for someone who would like to share both tecknique and more on the climb .
I am certain that I have much to offer and I sincerely hope to find a friend who understnads the Kihon Happo , ukemi waza etc .
If you are interested please feel free to send me a PM .
Thanks you sincerely Charles D. Scott
ps many of my older friends students know me as David scott from Edmonton AB