View Full Version : Day #1 of the Nagoya Basho was splendid!

9th July 2007, 05:10
The first day of the Nagoya Sumo Basho was full of great matches! Boy, it's great to see Kaiho up from Juryo, again (even if he lost today's match). Tosanoumi, Homasho, Dejima, Kotomitsuki, Chiyotaikai, Kaio and Hakuho all performed well. To the surprise of everyone, Aminishiki defeated Asashoryu for the second time in a row! Now that's something I didn't expect. How will this affect the Yokozuna's mental state for the rest of the tournament? It looks to be a fabulous Basho in the making. Will Kotomitsuki be able to achieve the Ozeki rank? Will the new Yokozuna, Hakuho, be able to handle the added pressure of being Grand-Champion? Who will take the Emperor's Cup home this time out? Lots of great bouts to come, yet. Anyone got a favorite rikishi they are rooting for? I'm cheering-on Chiyotaikai and Kaio. Also, I'd like to see Homasho's sumo mature further.

Yours in Martial Spirit, Jon Palombi

11th July 2007, 08:45
I'm watching matches right now and I'm still supporting European rikishis. I just hope that once we could a European yokozuna. Kotooshu is my personal favorite for that place and I'm waiting for Baruto to rise.

Hakuho will take the Emperor's cup in Nagoya. His reign is just starting now.

I also have Japanese favorites. I was in Nagoya two years ago and met this guy in sumo party. He is an excellent rikishi and happens to be born on the same day with me.