View Full Version : Dojo in Georgia?

Larry Feldman
21st July 2007, 01:57
A disabled veteran, who uses a cane, called me today looking for a place in Atlanta GA to study the use of a cane as a method of self defense.

I would appreciate any guidence, and will send the information to him.


26th July 2007, 21:16
Don't know much about the area or the schools there....but I would think a Philipino art (escrima) would be a good match for him.

Sorry I don't know of any in particular, but it would be a good place for him to start looking.

Good Luck,


Tal Stanfield
28th July 2007, 15:46
There are several hapkido dojangs in the Atlanta area that teach cane techniques. I do not study that art, but I believe that it has a fairly extensive set of cane/short staff techniques. The schools I am thinking of are listed in the Yellow Pages. Good luck with the search.

Tal Stanfield