View Full Version : Yokozuna Asashoryu raises his game to win the Nagoya Sumo Basho!

24th July 2007, 02:57
Congratulations to the Grand Champion Asashoryu for his recent victory at the Nagoya Sumo Basho! You have to bow to Yokozuna Asashoryu for digging in deep, to rise triumphant, at the conclusion of this tournament.
I'm only guessing but Kotomitski looks likely to be promoted to Ozeki. (Why, back when I was a boy, a rikishi had to win a tournamnet to be promoted.) I believe he only needed a 12-3 score to make the grade. Good luck to him.
Boy-oh-boy, what an exciting basho this was! I'm tickled pink that Kaiho had such a fabulous performance, after climbing his way up from Juryo. I agree with Dave Shapiro, he deserved the Fighting Spirit award. On a sad note, Kaio had to pull-out of competition due to injury. Still, he did an outstanding job. I look forward to his presence in the Makuuchi division, for some time to come. Newly appointed Yokozuna Hakuho fell victim to the fate of most graduate Ozeki, as a virgin Yokozuna. While he had a great record, he must have been quite distracted with all the hoopla that goes with the Grand-Champion inauguration. I'm confidant that he will regain his forward momentum and pressure the rest of the Champions to "do their best".
Hey John, don't worry about your predictions missing the mark. Like yourself, I too, thought Hakuho would have a clean-sweep to victory. However, you never know...this is what makes Ozumo so freakin' exciting! If things always happened as we expected, life would be so damn predictable.

Yours in Martial Sprit, Jon Palombi

Earl Hartman
1st August 2007, 22:04
It's not too smart to piss off Kitanoumi:


Josh Reyer
1st August 2007, 22:23
It's not too smart to piss off Kitanoumi:


No, indeed. Yesterday (here in Japan), the punishment came down. Confinement to quarters and suspension for two tournaments, and a 30% reduction in salary for the next 4 months.

Some think it's a pretty harsh measure, but the actual precedent for this would be forced retirement. This happened to a Yokozuna named Maedayama, who claimed injury and dropped out of a tournament, only to show up at an exhibition baseball game featuring Lefty O'Doul and the San Francisco Seals.

Earl Hartman
1st August 2007, 23:11
Confinement to quarters and suspension for two tournaments, and a 30% reduction in salary for the next 4 months.

That's it? Damn lax, in my opinion. Is he going to be forced to grovel in public and apologize abjectly to his fans? I should certainly hope so. He should have been drummed out, in my opinion.

Asashoryu is a strong wrestler, it is true. But I've always had my doubts about his hinkaku (品格). I always thought that he was lacking in a certain amount of class and gravitas, which Kitanoumi had in spades.

Still, it's pretty damned stupid to let yourself get caught faking an injury like that. He must have known that the paparazzi would be on his tail. I guess it all went to his head and he figured he could get away with it.

4th August 2007, 00:06
Well, well, well...now look at what the Yokozuna has done. Or should I say undone? I take back my deep bow of respect given to Asashoryu. What a dumb-ass! While this bodes well for Yokozuna Hakuho, nobody wants him to sweep the next two bashos because of a forced no-show on Asashoryu's part. Hopefully Asashoryu will grovel enough, in the mud of his own misdeeds, to redeem himself in the eyes of the entire Sumo community. That's gonna take quite a bit of groveling! Yeah, he never seemed too bright of a man but I always thought he had more honor within himself. And to think he models himself after the legendary Chiyonofuji! This is just what we DO NOT need, to re-kindle the fading enthusiasm Sumo has in Japan. True, his bad behavior pales in comparison to heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, however, there has always been a higher standard held for rikishi. After all, they aren't thugs, they are up-holders of an ancient and chivalrous tradition. Instead of wasting my time bumming-out about Asashoryu, I will spend it cheering on Hakuho, Chiyotaikai and Kotomitsuki. Congratulations to new Ozeki Kotomitsuki! May he uphold the honor of championship status. Sumo could go on without Asashoryu but it can't go on without honor.

Hey John McCulloch, what's you take on this situation? Should he be impeached, beheaded or bitch-slapped by Kitanoumi?

Ciao, Jon Palombi