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2nd August 2007, 21:33
Dear e-Budo members. I live in NW Houston (N of 290 and just inside Beltway 8) and am looking for one of 2 things, either:

1. A dojo that teaches traditional Ju Jutsu.


2. Fellow Ju Jutsuka who would like to come together to train in traditional Ju Jutsu.

I look forward to your responses and recommendations.

4th August 2007, 03:41
I sent you a PM, please check your private messages.


Andrew De Luna
Daito Ryu Renshinkan

22nd August 2007, 21:24

I see there has been a quite a number who have looked at this thread. Thank you to lucky1899 for your PM and suggestions.

I have been in contact with my Home Dojo and they are supportive of me starting a club here in Houston, TX. Now that I have their blessing I will start looking at the feasibility in terms of students and the costs involved in started a club. The location of the club will be in the vicinity of HWY 290 and Beltway 8. If there are any of you looking for a place to train in this area please post on this forum or send me a PM.

Stephen Sheasby
Sandan Jikishin JuJitsu